Sustainable Furniture

At Cirque Furniture, we recognise the profound impact our choices have on the environment. On this page we highlight our unwavering commitment to Sustainable Furniture.

At Cirque Furniture, we believe that sustainability should be at the heart of every workspace. Our unique Sustainable Furniture service is designed to help business put environmental responsibility and the forefront of their workspace.

Understanding that every piece of furniture carries its own story and potential for a second life, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to extend the lifecycle of office furniture, reduce waste, and contribute positively to our planet.


We will visit your existing office to see if there is any furniture we can re-use in its current state.


Cirque Furniture are committed to the environment and as part of our existing furniture proposal have pledged to plant one tree for every desk position sold as part of our holistic environmental contribution.


If your current furniture does not fit the new office scheme, we can re-upholster, change material sizes or finish to suite the new scheme.


If your existing furniture does not have any re-sale value that doesn’t automatically mean we have to recycle it, we also work with partners who can donate your existing furniture to over 300 charities within the UK.


Unfortunately not all of the furniture will be needed in the new space, however if you do have some furniture items of value we work with valued partners who can purchase the existing furniture from you providing a rebate or cost saving on other items.

Second Hand

If your budget does not quite stretch enough for new furniture, we work with a number of second hand furniture partners who can supply furniture pieces for your project, they can even change materials or finishes to match your scheme if needed and are on a short lead-time.

Carbon Reporting

Carbon reporting is coming to the forefront of how many companies measure their economical impact, we work with partners who can supply a carbon report for the furniture that is supplied and if any existing furniture was re-used how much carbon waste was saved to offset against your carbon emissions.