Cirque Furniture has once again proven its prowess in innovative design with the completion of a captivating refurbishment project for a leading Global equity firm.

The project demanded a meticulous blend of new and existing furniture, requiring Cirque’s expert team to conduct comprehensive furniture surveys. Collaborating closely with the client, Cirque meticulously curated a collection that reflected both the firm’s esteemed reputation and its commitment to employee well-being.

Central to the transformation were the newly introduced sit-stand desks, empowering staff to embrace dynamic work styles while promoting health and productivity. Complementing this, high-end breakout furniture provided inviting spaces for collaboration and rejuvenation, fostering a culture of innovation and camaraderie.

Not stopping there, Cirque’s bespoke storage systems were tailored to meet the firm’s unique needs, seamlessly integrating with the architectural elements of the space. The result? A harmonious fusion of functionality and elegance, where every detail serves to support and inspire the dedicated professionals who call this workspace home.