Office Design Ideas

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Impress Your Guests

Of course, you should never underestimate the importance of creating a workspace that your employees will be able to excel and grow. But what about impressing your guests?

Your office speaks volumes about your company as a whole, and the space you harness can be the difference between winning or losing potential business. Businesses with an ambitious and entrepreneurial nature tend to mirror this with innovative office designs, as opposed to predictable and outdated ones. Dynamic office spaces enhance productivity levels and foster growth, a point that’s applicable to clients and employees alike.

Wilton & Bain – London

Significance in Design

When prospective clients enter your commercial space, they gauge not only your approach to business, but your commitment to achieving success. Consciously and subconsciously, they take in every detail of your design, from lighting to flooring finishes – the list goes on. From the moment they enter your work space, they are taking in these details bringing us to our first point and their first point of call, your reception area.

Choosing furniture with contrasting colours and design supersedes matching furniture components; uniformity is an effect which smothers individuality which could render your office, and thus your business, unmemorable. Individualistic design features have the ability to set you aside from the rest. This is exemplified in the infamous design features of office spaces like Google.

Entertainment One – London

Reflecting Creating and Flexibility in Your Office Design

Transparency in businesses promotes trust. A visibly open plan floor design creates a distinctive look promoting a visually communicative work space. From incorporating hot desking to breakout areas for employees, you can reflect an idea about your company brand and ethos that’s attractive to prospective guests and clients.

Nash House – London

Ultimately, innovative office design can speak volumes about your business values. Clients and employees alike are drawn to a company that incorporates creativity and a fresh approach into their ideology. Why opt for predicable when innovation is within your limits?

The AA – Birmingham