Employees Back in Office Over Winter as Energy Prices Soar

With winter round the corner, businesses may now have to re-adapt once again to changing working patterns.

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With winter round the corner, businesses may now have to re-adapt once again to changing working patterns. Where we have seen a rise in hybrid flexible working since post-Covid, businesses need to anticipate a return to the workplace as employees will want to take advantage of office-used electricity to ease their home energy costs.

The nation is battling against an energy crisis, fuelled in part by rocketing inflation and Russia’s war against Ukraine, which is causing supply concerns. It means prices have spiraled, and households will be paying £2,500 a year for their energy bills from winter.

According to energy comparison website Uswitch, working from home this winter could add up to £209 a month onto household energy bills.

This is not to say that hybrid working is not here to stay. But experts are predicting employees may increase their time working in the office this winter instead of staying home and cranking the thermostat up.

Adapting the office to respond to these ever-changing working behaviours could be a challenge for businesses, but furniture manufacturers are stepping up to provide interesting solutions.

Product Solutions

Innovative products to hit the market include some like; Vitra’s Dancing Walls and Alcove Desk Range give businesses the flexibility to change their office layout in just minutes, and Koplus Modular Booths give their employees the option to break away to a quiet space to work in the office undisturbed from noise. 

The innovative, energy saving Heated Desk from Okoform offers employees a solution to keeping warm in the coming months ahead. The desk aims to save you money on your electricity and gas bills through warming up your office space, with its heating system built into the desk itself.

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In the wise words of Ned Stark from Game of Thrones, ‘’Winter is coming’’, so let’s all make sure we are prepared.