COVID Office Guidelines Part 1

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Have you thought about returning to work? With the potential of returning to regular work an imminent reality, we have pulled together 10 Steps to a Safe Workspace. What will the post covid workplace look like? Hopefully we can give you some initial ideas on how you can turn your workplace into a safer environment. 

Although this is not an exhaustive list and the preventative products are ever evolving. It should give you enough of a starting point to manage your team/organisations naturally apprehensive feeling about returning to work.

Step 1 – Contactless Entrance

It is important to feel a sense of safety and trust when re-emerging back in to the workplace. The front door is a weak point as people touch the handle as they enter from street, tube etc. Handled Doors can be swapped for automated ones. (This may be a Landlord door so you will need to call them)

To minimise transmissions of the virus from communal lobbies, consider automatic doors upon the entrance to the space reduces surface contact in a high traffic area.

  • This may be a Landlord door so you will need to call them
  • Consider other doors within your own demise that are deemed high traffic
  • Keep doors on hold opens within your demise to limit touching as far as possible.

Step 2 – Hygiene

Enhanced cleaning protocols will be a necessity in order for a safe and clean environment, but also for the reassurance of your team. This involves –

  • Hand sanitisation at the reception or entry point means hands are then clean to handle doors and surfaces thereafter. (remember wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds or more throughout the day)
  • Plan in hand sanitisation points throughout the office
  • Consider a professional deep clean and paint refresh prior to the return of employees
  • Professional cleaning protocols twice daily as opposed to once.
  • Reinforcing hygiene stations throughout the space with well stocked cleaning supplies.
  • Set dishwashers to hotter setting, provide team with personalised water bottles
  • Hourly door handle cleaning

Step 3 – Air Quality

Maintaining and enhancing air quality will improve the air quality to reduce contaminants.UVC Light Technology is used to disinfect HVAC systems by making micro-organisms inactive – including viruses. UVC Filtration is the use of ultra violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) lamps in the HVAC system to disinfect air by damaging the DNA of micro-organisms. An organism that can’t reproduce, can’t spread! Our trusted partner, Conditioned Environment, can create a bespoke disinfectant system that can be retrofitted to existing systems;

  • Increase maintenance regimes from 3-4 visits per annum to 5-6 visits per annum
  • Change AHU filters more frequently, where applicable change filtration rating.

Step 4 & 5 – Meeting Room Arrangements, Enhanced AV

Video Conferencing equipment in meeting rooms will ensure limited external visitors, as well as keeping the connectivity and community alive between the teams if working on a rotation schedule.

  • Consider enhancing AV in all meeting rooms for maximum connectivity.
  • Ensure team members have Laptop, VPN, Zoom or equivalent and the ability to work comfortably and efficiently at home.

For meetings that are able to take place in the office, distancing and hygiene is equally as important in the meeting rooms as high traffic areas:

  • Have a standard, clear document that states the generic meeting room layout to ensure distance is consistent from one meeting to the next
  • Hygiene stations central to the table
  • Remove additional chairs from the table
  • Daily deep cleans


Full Government Guidelines:

Download Government PDF: